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Passive House - Redefining Luxury

At MA+KING STUDIO, with our Passive House technology, we are on the path of redefining the notion of luxury. We are passionate about the idea that luxury is a quality system that majorly yet subtly affects the way you live, work, sleep, care about your health and go about your day. 

Passive House is that quality system, that once integrated into your life, will take your comfort and well-being to the next level.

Here are a few ways in which Passive House system becomes the prerequisite to your shift in the idea of true luxury:

  • Health. The Passive House is a big improvement towards a much healthier environment. Our technologies ensure good air quality due to the constant supply of filtered clean air and prevent mould growth and draughts with airtight building systems where infiltration between building assemblies are minimised. With Passive House, you can be sure that you are getting the most health benefits out of the fresh clean air, that will stay that way regardless of the external factors.

  • Comfort. The Passive House Technology keeps a stable temperature of 20-25 degrees in your house by using a high-performance building envelope. And while the typical HVAC systems artificially “create” the perceived thermal comfort, in a Passive House, the ideal conditions appear naturally. Walking around in a shirt, while it’s scorching hot or freezing outside is not a dream anymore.

  • Quietness. The Passive House system provides a top-notch acoustic control within the building by preventing the sound from entering through the gaps. Noises from the neighbours or construction work down the street, worrying about keeping it down in your own house or any other noise related inconveniences - all of these things are not a part of the Passive House experience. Get the luxury of being expressive and yet living in comfortable silence in your very own house with our system.

There is one more aspect to our mission of redefining luxury with the Passive House technology - the system is not about the expensive materials, it is about careful consideration of construction methodology. Yes, we make sure to use high quality materials, but it’s the thought-out yet simple technologies and our unique approach that make all the difference and give you a true luxury of living in a house - health, comfort and quietness.

What Is A Passive House?

Passive House is a standard originated in Germany and extremely popular in many modern European homes, that creates energy-efficient buildings and provides a great comfort for the occupants in terms of temperature and ventilation. Passive House is also gaining recognition and popularity in the Australian context as well.

Passive House creates an ideal indoor temperature of 20-25 degrees all-year-round, supplies the building with clean air without destabilising that temperature standard and helps to significantly lower the energy consumption.

Passive House achieves all that by:

  • Using high-performance building envelope that provides excellent thermal insulation

  • Building airtight to decrease the air leakage and consequent heat loss and potential mould growth

  • Implementing a thermal bridge free design to minimise energy losses

  • Using high performance window and installation methods

  • Integrating heat recovery mechanical ventilation system

  • Balancing solar gain with appropriate shading devices and orientation

Why Is Passive House Unique?

You might be asking yourself “How is that different from a variety of sustainable design methodology?”.

Passive House standard utilises software to accurately identify and calculate technical requirements to achieve the desired level of comfort. The meticulous methodology used includes looking at every single aspect of the building to identify its impact on the overall performance and to understand what kind of technologies need to be integrated in order to bring around an optimal heating and cooling balance. As a result, Passive House system, being a much more holistic approach than most of the other sustainable design methodology in the industry, brings around more tangible benefits.

Passive House is a lifelong investment into your comfort, health and environment.

Want to find out whether your project (new build or retrofit) has the potential to upgrade as one of the New Luxury Home? Feel free to contact us to schedule a 15-min Project Clarity Consultation.

project roadmap.png

Formulate your design brief, help you define your vision in a crystal-clear manner

Eliminate assumptions, identify constraints and best possible options for your project through a feasibility study

Step 1 - Research

Step 2 - Analysis

Translates the design into instructions and technical specifications for construction experts

Step 5 - Construction Documentation

Assist in contract price review and negotiation, help you find the most suitable contractor for your project

Step 6 - Contractor Selection

Overseeing the construction and resolving any problems that arise. Validate the quality of work

Step 7 - Contract Administration

Putting all the ideas together, create a design that responds to the results that have been investigated

Step 3 - Schematic Design

Develop the design to ensure code compliance, coordinating the input of other specialist consultants

Step 4 - Detailed Design

Project Completion

For more information, click here to visit our roadmap explained.

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