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About Us

Our Philosophy

At MA+KING STUDIO, we strive to provide our clients with innovative and tailored solutions based on their specific needs. Our process begins by taking the time to understand and explore the nature of their desired outcome, allowing us to coalesce what our clients are envisioning into a tangible goal that meets their requirements. From there, our experienced team works diligently to ensure that the plans are properly implemented using our signature approach. Our goal is always to capture the client's dream vision through a combined effort of collaboration and expertise which delivers a truly unique product – one that is fully optimized for both form and function.

Meike Abbink

Director of Interior Design

A Dutch interior designer, Meike brings a unique perspective to her projects in Australia. Drawing on her vast experience in Europe, she excels at creating visually appealing spaces that are practical and respond to clients' needs.

Meike’s design philosophy is heavily focused on natural textures and emphasising the concept of balance. She believes this brings an atmosphere of harmony to occupants, creating a luxurious experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

Ed Hung

Architect | Construction Manager

Ed, the co-founder of MA+KING STUDIO, has graduated from the Master of Architecture program at UNSW with a specialisation in High Performance Building Technology. Being a Registered Architect in Australia, he is passionate about all things sustainable, aesthetic and functional. He is also a Certified Passive House Designer and eager to deliver the most healthy, comfortable and energy efficient lifestyle to the home owners.

A rigorous problem solver, Ed's working philosophy is all about envisioning possibilities and working out the best solution for a project through research and deep analysis. Having extensive experience in working with residential buildings, he believes your vision and our team of field experts will make your home a forever home.

Registered Architect NSW 11736 | VIC 800404


let's work together

You may have some specific questions about your project that you want answered. If so, then I invite you to apply for a Project Clarity Consultation with us.

  • Clarify issues & discuss options to maximise the potential of the project

  • Discover the leading cause of project cost overruns (and how to prevent it)

  • An overview of the whole process from initial concepts to completion of construction

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