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Architecture Design & Planning Approval
Interior Design & Renovation
Construction, Cabinetry & Furniture Making


Phase 1 - Investigation

Phase 2 - Design

Phase 3 - Delivery

Step 1


Step 2

Concept Design

Step 3

Documentation & Specification

Step 4


Step 5

Construction & Installation



This step concentrates fully on your needs, wants and visions. By being crystal clear defining what you desire from your project, you inspire us and guide towards understanding your vision of the ideal home. 

We will conduct a thorough site visit, gathering all necessary measurements and photographs to inform our detailed design process.

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Concept Design

With this step in our roadmap, you can finally see your ideas and visions coming together in the form of 3D models, moodboard, plans etc. We will also ensure the design is in line with your budget.

This step is all about finalising your decision regarding the design of the future project and all the costs associated with it.


Documentation & Specification

The process of documenting and specifying plays a vital role in transforming the visualised design into precise technical instructions. It is an essential step in the project as it assists in ensuring quality control and reduces any potential variation during the construction phase.

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With 34 years of local experience, our partnered carpentry team operates from the factory in Wetherill Park, NSW. We welcome you to explore our manufacturing process firsthand by visiting our factory at any time. This not only allows us to ensure quality control throughout production but also provides you with the unique opportunity to witness the craftsmanship behind your custom furniture and interior pieces as they take shape.



​Throughout the installation process, our team takes on the role of project management, ensuring a streamlined workflow by carefully overseeing the project's progression and ensuring adherence to the finalised design specifications and drawings.

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Adam C.

“Ed was a pleasure to deal with. We found his plans were of a high professional standard and his communication and ease of dealing with was exceptional. Problem solving is always a skill that is needed, and Ed found solutions that were practical and easy to implement.
I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for building design and coordination works."
17th November, 2023

Eve J.

"Meike has been wonderful to work with. We appreciate her patience with us as we explore the design options. She really took the time to understand our needs and requirements!
Her excellent knowledge in materials and products also help facilitate our decision making process.

Very delighted with the outcome and we would highly recommend Making Studio."
9th September, 2022

James H.

"Working with team Making Studio on our interior project has been a truly remarkable experience. From the start of the process, we experienced an unparalleled level of professionalism and communication from their talented team. We were continually updated on progress, ensuring all elements of the project were completed to our requirement. We are beyond thrilled with the results."
8th March, 2023
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