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Myth vs Reality: What Can Interior Designers Actually Do?

Updated: Jan 9


Produce moodboards and pretty sketches that a builder uses.


Skillset -

Interior designers are professional with holistic skillset and trained eye to visualise how a space will look with selected finishes, materials and colour.

Understanding your brief -

Interior designers listen and discuss your ideas, lifestyle and budget. They take time to understand our needs and requirements and translate your vision into reality.

Decision maker -

There are thousands of decisions to be made in each design project, but an interior designer is equipped with the skills and knowledge to make every informed decision which will avoid a lot of mistakes down the line.

Understanding values -

Interior designers are able to choose the best value-for-money finishes and understand the characteristics of each individual product that is specified. This will help you prevent expensive mistakes before making further commitments.

Being top of the trend -

Interior designers visit conventions and previews to ensure they incorporate the most up-to-date selections for your project.

Hiring the RIGHT professional is the single most important decision to make on your project, contact us at for a complementary consultation.

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