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How to Find Your Interior Design Style

Trying to figure out your interior design style can feel like a difficult task. After all, with so many different styles out there, how are you supposed to choose just one? And what if you end up picking a style that you end up hating a few years down the line? Never fear! We're here to help you figure out how to find your interior design style once and for all. Read on for our top tips.

Do Some Research

The first step in finding your interior design style is to do some research. This can mean anything from flipping through magazines and scouring Pinterest for inspiration to taking a walk through your neighbourhood to see what kinds of homes and businesses catch your eye. Once you have an idea of what you like, you can start narrowing down your options.

Think About Your Personal Taste

What kind of things do you like? Do you prefer clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic? Or are you drawn to more ornate, traditional designs? Do you prefer bright, bold colours or more subdued hues? Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you zero in on the type of style that's right for you.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should also be taken into account when trying to determine your interior design style. If you have small children or pets, for example, you'll want to steer clear of delicate materials and furniture that's easy to break. Similarly, if you entertain often, you'll want your home to reflect that by incorporating plenty of seating and surface space into your design.

Keep It Timeless

Once you've finally settled on a style, it's important to make sure that it's something that won't go out of fashion in a few years. After all, the last thing you want is to have to start from scratch when the latest trends come around. To avoid this pitfall, stick with classic pieces that can be easily updated with new accessories or paint colours as needed.

Figuring out your interior design style doesn't have to be difficult. By following the tips outlined above, you can easily find a style that suits both your taste and your lifestyle.

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