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At MA+KING STUDIO, we are all about creating a smooth path from planning to implementing your residential project by eliminating any confusions and uncertainties. For that, we have developed a unique 3-phase roadmap that includes 7 well-outlined steps to help us work together and create a site that will meet the demands and exceed the expectations.

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Step 4



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Step 2


Phase 1 - Investigation

Step 1


Phase 2 - Design

Phase 3 - Delivery

Step 7



Phase 1 - Investigation

Step 1 - Research

This step concentrates fully on your needs, wants and visions. By being crystal clear defining what you desire from your project, you inspire us and guide towards understanding your vision of the ideal home. 

Any input from a simple requirement to a creative idea is valuable, as it assists our team in creating a perfect brief and making sure that you will love what you see once the project is finalised and complete.

Step 2 - Analysis

During this step, our team conducts a thorough and comprehensive Feasibility Study, in which we eliminate assumptions, identify constraints and best possible options for your project. This phase of the process helps you to explore options for what your site can achieve and understand the implications regarding the sustainable build costs, as well as limitations the site might have. 

Including all these things into a meticulous analysis lets you make the most important decisions early on and saves you from going over time or over budget later, as you will not rush into design and implementation phase with false assumptions about your site.

As a result of this step, you will have a realistic idea of what is possible on your site, an estimate of how much it will cost and an understanding of how these factors will be tailored to meet your vision.

Phase 2 - Design

Step 3 - Schematic Design

With this step in our roadmap, you can finally see your ideas and visions coming together in the form of 3D models, plans, schemes, sketches and etc. Once you are happy with our Schematic Design, we involve Quantity Surveyor to estimate the cost of such a design. In case you have any comments or objections regarding the cost, we can alter and change the design plan to fit your budget while preserving the most important aspects of it and helping you prioritise right.

In short, this step is all about finalising your decision regarding the design of the future project and all the costs associated with it.

Step 4 - Detailed Design

First, in order to ensure that the project will proceed further with no unexpected obstacles, we verify the compliance of the project with building, health, safety, local planning regulations and restrictions. In some cases there might be some rules and regulations regarding the preservation of the local environment and/or historical parts of the building.

Once we have made sure, we are in compliance with these regulations, we involve the team of professionals - builders, engineers, planners, designers and others - to start their part of the work that will be carried out further depending on their planning and decisions. Our practice takes up the leadership role to manage and coordinate all the professionals involved in the project to deliver the best results.

Additional Service - Interior Design

We also offer additional interior design services, that might be of interest for some of our customers. Having an “in-house” interior designer might help to envision and implement your ideas in more optimal and close to the vision way, as well as potentially cut down on the costs compared to hiring a professional later on. With this extra service available, we also make sure that the whole project comes together in the most ideal way possible, as the designer works in a full compliance with the Passive House methodology’s requirements and within its allowed framework.

As a result, you can get your most creative idea implemented while being sure it is not creating any compatibility problems with the architectural design that we integrate as a part of the Passive House standard.

Phase 3 - Delivery

Step 5 - Construction Documentation

While all the planning, consulting and designing is one thing, making sure all these ideas and requirements are taken into account and used as a guide before the actual construction work begins is key. Construction Documentation helps to translate the visualised design into instructions and technical specifications for construction experts. 

This step is crucial, as it ensures there is no misunderstanding or unclarity between the designers and those, who are taking over the project during the next phase. It also helps to control for quality and minimise variation during construction in the later stages of the project.

Step 6 - Contractor Selection

A Passive House requires skilled tradesperson to perform the task, to deliver a high-quality build that is more durable than any other conventional build. Our team assists you in the engagement and evaluation of the most suitable contractor for your project, as well as any contract price reviews and negotiations, so that you don’t have to deal with these details yourself.

Step 7 - Contract Administration

During this step, our team is the middleman between you and the work in progress. We make routine site visits and conduct meetings to oversee the construction and validate the quality of work. We also negotiate with contractors and deal with any problems that might arise at any stage during the process. In case there are any changes, we seek your approval and document them properly.

We keep both parties informed on the latest developments of the project and on any changes to be made, and manage a smooth workflow. We make sure the project is progressing in accordance with the specifications and architectural drawings finalised in the design and the contract.

Our 7-step roadmap has proven to be a success in the conditions of real life. It keeps the project open to changes, controls for unpredictabilities and involves the professionals into the right stages of the project.

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